From new construction builds to troubleshooting a tripped breaker, we can help to insure that you have a safe and reliable electrical system. Here are a just a few of the many installations we provide.

Residential   Commercial   E/V
Switch and receptacle repair   Switch and receptacle repair   E/V charging stations
Light and Ceiling Fan Installation   Flourscent and LED light installation    
Electrical Panel Replacement   Switch and receptacle installation    
GFCI   Landscape Lighting    
Landscape Lighting   GFCI    
New Construction, Remodel, and Additions   New and exsiting wiring    

CQ Electrical can help with your Home Inspection Report.


"I met with Jake to add a generator port to our home for hurricane preparation. His pricing was fair and the work was clean, asthetically pleasing, and professional. He took additional time to assist in future project costs as well as offering ideas. A true craftsman. I highly recommend CQ Electrical for work in the Broward and Palm Beach areas."

Scott Blank
Resident, Boca Raton